The best of our faves!

The best of our faves!

We have been following the Housemates for a while, so we are familiar with their inside jokes and some of their catchphrases.

Despite the fact that they will soon leave Biggie’s House, only one of them will win.

A few hours from now, lives are going to change, but while we wait for the winner to be announced, we’d like to keep things humorous.


Although we may not fully comprehend the requirement for turmeric, Gash1 has demonstrated that his meals are incomplete without it.

Despite his propensity for stashing food, the Housemates have expressed praise for his meals. If you don’t use turmeric, are you even really cooking?

We must agree that Gash1’s food will be missed, despite his rants and ravings against his use of this spice.

We’re making notes so we won’t forget to include some in our meals as well.


We completely get how difficult the fitness sessions were for the housemates to endure with you.

Although we merely observed, several of us developed the habit of trying out each performance you performed with the Housemates.

Who thought your workout sessions would motivate us to start a fitness regimen?

We shall enjoy his contagious laughter and jokes more.


Despite the fact that she began the voyage as a lone ranger, she has demonstrated to us that it is acceptable to be by yourself and follow your own path.

We’ll miss her practical jokes, the way she brings her stories to life, and the way she always looked stunning at every Saturday Night Party.

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