The day’s unhinged moments

The day’s unhinged moments

With a tagline like S’ya Mosha, of course, the house is going to serve moments that have us gagging at every turn, and today was a day filled with just that. Biggie’s housemates spent the day getting to know each other and one thing about them, they are an unhinged bunch. From big booties and good nyams, to sugar daddy desires, these are the moments that had us rotfl.

Big booties and big orgasms

If you were ever wondering what kind of guys have the best rounds, Makhekhe is the man to ask and the answer is rather… unpopular. Turn your gaze to double cheeked-up gents. To quote him: “Guys with big ass, they fuck bruh!”

Is the dzaddy single?

Forget a ship in the house, Chuenzaaa and Yolanda have their eyes on a man outside the house. The gag is they sbwl Liema’s father. Lucky for them he is single, but they must brace themselves to share him, Liema willing of course. The two gushed over a photograph in Liema’s photo album and it quickly sent them into a classy bid to be her step-parent. Men in their 40s are a type, and Chuenzaaa and Yolanda will not back down without a fight.

“Are you a man?”

Best friends Jareed and Liema couldn’t keep their distance from each other all day. With a presence like that, they were bound to talk about anything and everything, and so they did. No topic seemed to be off limits, including Jareed’s man parts. The besties were talking about the Xhosa culture and the rite of passage into manhood which led to Liema asking Jareed if he is a man. It’s a question that left the boy from the south shook as he saw the idea of his masculinity flash before his eyes. But the question easily translates to whether he is circumcised or not. Spoiler alert, girls and gays, he’s cut.

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