Dear diary with Biggie

Dear diary with Biggie

Now that housemates have settled in and met each other, Biggie summoned them to the diary room to open up. The diary sessions started on a sombre note with Sammy_M sharing how she cried in the bathroom because she struggled to connect with the other hosuemates. Things got better for her overnight, and now she has a few housemates are her fave, including Bravo B who aslo came up as a fave for Makhekhe, who bragged to Biggie saying, “it’s a pity you couldn’t smell me,” alluding to how perfect his fit was on Sunday when he came into the house. Confidence, check! ✅

Disruptor Neo told Biggie that she has formed a connection with Meelay, but as the game would have it, Meelay is oblivious to the fact that use Neo is a disruptor. Neo has also managed to fool the current HoH, Mich, who is vibing with her and another disruptor, Fahima. Even Mcjunior is enjoying the company of disruptors Fahima and Taki. As the saying goes, “Fool me once!” 🤡

Sinaye shared that he has gravitated towards Liema, who is a good listener and feels he can trust her. He opened up to her about feeling like he wants tp ring the bell and go home, and talking to her helped. Liema is also a fave for Mich, who feels he is not beefing with anyone in the house.

PapaGhost notices that there’s factions in the house based on where people are sleeping. His clique includes ZeeYoung Pappi, and Neo, while the other gang has formed its own squad. Zee confirmed PapaGhost’s assessment when she shared with Biggie that she has connected with him, Young Pappi, Sinaye and Chuenzaaa. Another housemate agreeing with the factions theory is Pale who told Biggie she has spotted two cliques; the loud and the laid back housemates.

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Jareed wrapped up the diary sessions today and shared that he does not have a fave yet, but he has developed a fondness for Zee, Els, Liema and Mpumi , telling BIggie he “flourishes around feminine energy.”

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