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Disruptor Fahima has been spotted carrying out Biggie’s job of infiltrating friendships to sow doubt in the minds of the parties involved. Her assignment from Biggie this week was to subtly plant seeds of mistrust and suspicion among housemates to erode strengthened bonds.

Despite her slow start to causing some Mosha, Disruptor Fahima has been getting the job done for the past few days as she has been having gossip sessions with various housemates in a bid to cause confusion and chaos in the house.

This week alone, she has been able to set the ball rolling by having conversations with Els and Pale about Liema and Yolanda, while she has been seen setting a few thirst traps for the usually reclusive McJunior. It remains unclear why McJunior has been subject to Disruptor Fahima’s teasing, but perhaps it is connected to a larger story that will unfold over time.

She has, however, been busy and has subtly stretched her tentacle into the realm of relationships, as she took out time today to have a chat with Sinaye in a bid to convince him that Zee, his love interest, had feelings for Young Pappi and not him. Never mind that she secretly kissed YoungPappi on the bedroom floor a few days ago.

As Disruptor Fahima continues to meddle in the lives of her fellow housemates, we would love to witness how it affects the dynamics of the house and if any of her fellow housemates will clock her game.

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