Gossip, dreams and wins

One can’t help but express a sigh of relief that last night’s party and kissing shenanigans did not break any of the ships in the house. Outside of Liema‘s behaviour that earned her a strike, there’s a rumour going around the house that PapaGhost and Els had a moment in bed that did not end well. Mich and Yolanda discussed the incident earlier today in the garden, with Mich adding that he had received the task to spread the rumour. “I can do it,” Yolanda shared enthusiastically. She went on to add that she enjoys gossiping with Mich, but does not like doing it with Chuenzaaa because “he acts like Mother Theresa.”

It was on to the Friday night Arena games, and after four rounds of Hey Sushi, Willy came up on top, clocking 1:18 to the finish line. McJunior came up second with 1:19 on the clock on completion. The majority of the housemates got disqualified for breaking the game rules, and Disruptor Neo and Lerato Modise were unable to complete the games on time.

Team 2 of the cook-off challenge received news of their win when the Arena Games were completed. Their “sweet and decadent treat,” a cake, awaited their presence in the storeroom. They attended to the cake quickly, with Pale cutting it up for the Team 2 housemates. Liema was hoping everyone could get a piece but it did not work out like that. Chuenzaaa stayed close by and managed to get a small bite to taste because he was not a part of Team 2.

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