Housemates talk about relationships

Housemates talk about relationships

Relationships are already the talk of the town on the S’ya Mosha streets.

Biggie’s house was vibrant this morning, with much conversation centring around relationships. Makhekhe, Liema, Young Pappi and other housemates spent most of the morning speaking about intimacy and friendship with the opposite sex.

Right after their morning workout, Makhekhe asked Liema questions about the possibility of sex in the house and how he did not see it as a big deal. Liema said she did not want to partake in any intimacy in the house and revealed in their conversation that she had been single for three years. Does this mean she might just be on the lookout for something interesting in the house? Also, Makhekhe’s attempt at trying to convince Liema about intimacy in the house not being a big deal had us giving him a big side-eye.👀 We are eager to see how Liema and Makhekhe relate with each other in the coming days.

Liema says no to intimacy

The relationship convo continued with Young Pappi entertaining Pale and Willy about falling in love while in another relationship. ElsDisruptor Fahima, and PapaGhost, were all caught up in convos surrounding relationships and their experiences in the outside world.

Young Pappi speaks about cheatin

It will be interesting to see if any romantic connections form within the house, especially considering Liema’s single status and the various conversations about relationships happening among the other housemates. The dynamics and interactions between Makhekhe and Liema, as well as the rest of the group, will certainly be something to watch.

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