Biggie the real Grootman

Biggie the real Grootman

In many ways Biggie inspired not only the Housemates but many of us that paid attention to his pearls of wisdom.

Like any Big Brother, Biggie has played a pivotal role in guiding and advising the Housemates in ways that allow them to be self-aware in their decisions or actions, giving them enough room to grow and stay true to themselves – to be frank, we all needed to be reminded to play our own game as some point during this season.

There is no other way to give you the lowdown but pick on a few memorable moments to look back on.

Biggie the therapist

As we have come to know, Diary Sessions with Biggie were more of a venting session. Truly just letting down their guard and speaking openly and honestly. Who would not when it is the only place with some sense of privacy. We had it all, from front row seats to all the juicy gossip, cringeworthy confessions and those shady Nominations. However, one thing of note is that Biggie managed to always ask the right questions and say the right things whenever Housemates felt down and a little too flustered when the game got a little heated up.

If you listen carefully, there’s a lot of wisdom to take from his advice. Many Housemates have found it useful in times of need. Like any good brother, the Beke le beke gang is lucky to have someone who watched over them.

Biggie the disciplinarian

In Big Brother’s House, a mistake for one is a lesson for all – and Biggie ensures that everyone can learn from all situations.

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Like any member of the family, Biggie has often played deputy-parent especially when he’s had to mete out corrective measures to ensure Housemates play by the rules and do not repeat their offences. We are sure Nthabii, Terry and Tulz learnt their lesson especially after Biggie called them out for disrespecting him. We are sure the memory of their punishment is etched somewhere in the back of our minds – it was quite cringing to watch after all!

Biggie the blesser

From day one, the BBMzansi Housemates got to see the exciting side of Biggie with his generosity from the welcome drinks to the abundant food in the House – it was a treat for all. Beke le beke was something like a little vacation. The grand and elaborate House and the bubbling jacuzzi – Biggie had it all planned out.

The first Saturday Night Party may have started with a few drinks, but Biggie didn’t waste time the moment Housemates insisted on more Bev’s. Like most of us, we got curious the moment we heard him say the storeroom is now open. From the cool and trendy Bantu sneakers to the fashionable athleisure wear from Siko Republik Biggie always had his ways. A couple of times Housemates became accustomed to whispering into their microphones to make requests to Biggie, if you’re wondering why? Biggie is always listening!

One thing we know for sure is Biggie was always there with a listening ear and a generous hand, to help the Housemates make their stay in the BBMzansi House a memorable experience.

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